Mortgage cancellation – Obtaining redemption from the property registersMortgage cancellation – Obtaining redemption from the property registers

The cancellation of the mortgage is the act by which this guarantee is eliminated from the property registers , a different operation from the extinction. Cancellation and extinction of the mortgage are two acts that are often confused by consumers, but which constitute two different moments in the process by which the debtor gets rid […]

Mortgage interest calculation: calculate actual interest and installmentsMortgage interest calculation: calculate actual interest and installments

The calculation of mortgage interest is an operation that allows a borrower to buy a property to define his interest expense. As with any loan, the loan also provides for interest, which is an additional sum that the debtor must pay to the lender, often a bank or other financial institution. This sum is expressed […]

Unsecured Loans in Installment Credit CalculationsUnsecured Loans in Installment Credit Calculations

This method of calculating interest does not take into account the amount of debt that you have paid. Interest is calculated always based on the total debt principal at the beginning of the loan. More commentary at The monthly installments are always fixed. Because of the calculation method like this, flat flowers appear as […]


Loan AgencyLoan Agency

Meeting all your financing needs is the reason for our existence. That’s why we strive to expand our products and services with the most useful offers on the market. In addition, personalized support will be offered to help you achieve your project successfully. Attractive solutions accessible to everyone via your loan agency For many years […]