Should the lender advise me? – Personal loan

In the case of a personal loan or pool of credits, the lender must advise you. If he refuses, or if he does not do it correctly, his responsibility will be engaged. Explanations.

The financial situation as well as the purpose of the credit, which may be related to the purchase of goods or the financing of personal projects, are the main points on which the lender focuses on a credit or a grouping of loans. credits. It is thanks to this that he can appreciate the opportunity of granting a credit. To the extent that you are eligible for a personal loan, the lender must provide you with certain important information such as the type of credit that can be, among other things, an installment loan or a line of credit, as well as the amount of the loan that enters into the loan. in line with your financial situation and the purpose of the loan.

Can a denial of credit be issued by the lender?

Can a denial of credit be issued by the lender?

There are several reasons for eligibility for a credit or a pooling of credits, so a request for a personal loan may be refused by the lender. A salary that does not cover credit monthly payments or the existence of other credits, whether from the same lender or others, are among the main reasons that may lead to a refusal by the lender. It is also interesting to know that a new credit agreement is impossible as you still have one or more unpaid amounts of a total of € 1,000, related to a consumer credit, recorded in the MergCredits Individuals.

For other cases of unpaid debts, an additional motivation in the credit file is requested by the lender for the finalization of a new personal loan contract. In the case of a refusal issued by the lender, no compensation can be claimed, with the exception of consultation fees of the MergCredit to Individuals.

If for some reason, the lender has refused you a credit or a credit consolidation, the communication of the different files that were consulted, as well as the identity (s) and location of their managers, also called processors, is free. You will be able to get closer to them and ask them to correct the information communicated that turns out to be wrong.

The consultation of information in the MergCredit to Individuals is also free. For this you have three different alternatives.

The first is to write a request to the MergCredits to Individuals by attaching a photocopy front and back of your identity card. The second method is to present yourself at one of the counters of the Belbank. You will be able to get the information you need on site. The Belbank makes available on its website the list and the location of the counters.

Finally, you can use the method of consultation by means of an electronic ID card reader on the website of the MergCredits to Individuals. The website of the Belbank gives you the opportunity to know the specifics of this method of consultation.

As part of a credit or pool of credits, it is important that you know your rights. You will be able to free yourself from surprises and will be able to claim them if necessary. The website of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, gives you the opportunity to have access to information as well as advice regarding your rights. You will also be able to take note of the procedure to observe for the correction of the information which concern you.

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