Unsecured Loans in Installment Credit Calculations

This method of calculating interest does not take into account the amount of debt that you have paid. Interest is calculated always based on the total debt principal at the beginning of the loan.

The monthly installments are always fixed. Because of the calculation method like this, flat flowers appear as the most expensive interest count.

Simulation of unsecured loans Installment Calculations

credit calculation

As stated earlier, it is important to check your ability to pay unsecured loans installments. The easiest step to check is by simulating unsecured loans installments. However, not everyone can do this simulation easily. Moreover, the types of interest rates and calculations are very varied. But don’t worry, now there is the Dan Pamillo application that is ready to help you.

The Dan Pamillo application has a credit simulation feature that can also be used for unsecured loans. Thus, you will no longer be confused about conducting unsecured loans credit simulations.

You can just open the Credit Calculator and the display will appear as follows:

Credit Calculator

Credit Calculator

Then choose the type of loan you will use and complete the loan principal, loan interest, and time period according to your needs.

After that, you can just click “Calculate” on the bottom right and your simulation will appear in a few moments. Very easy right?


credit conclusion

Come soon download the Dan Pamillo application now to facilitate your unsecured credit calculation.

For you new users, you can download the Dan Pamillo application for free through the Google Play Store or by clicking the following link.

Get to know the facts before making a decision

credit decision

Although Collateral Credit (unsecured loans) can be considered as a solution in business capital requirements, you should first look at some of the facts above.

We hope this fact can be useful for you in comparing several available loan solutions and also comparing the benefits and disadvantages of each bank policy so as not to harm you later.

Thus, you can make decisions with sufficient information and consideration. We hope you can make the best decision for your finances.

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