You can take out loans with payment notes – We will guide you!

That you can borrow from a number of companies that issue fast loans even though you have a payment note, you certainly know. There are a number of lenders who, as a rule, with a slightly higher cost / fee for the loan, can approve loan applications from people who have previously had trouble paying invoices, repayments and interest or other payments on time.

The majority of lenders do not go out with that information

The majority of lenders do not go out with that information

However, how many payment notes it is possible to be burdened by and at the same time be able to borrow is difficult to know. The majority of lenders do not go out with that information, so basically it will be for you who need a loan to simply guess. If you have many payment remarks and apply to a longer line of lenders, you may also receive a longer line of credit information and this may be a further obstacle to obtaining a loan.

Two of the major sms lenders, namely Good Finance Bank and E-Money, specify exactly what applies to how many payment notes you may have and also how old they may be.

Good Finance Bank – up to six payment notes


Good Finance Bank can grant you a loan even though you have a history with Kronofogden, provided your finances are otherwise strong enough for Good Finance to consider that you will be able to repay the loan. The maximum number of remarks is six and none of them may be newer than six months.

You should have full knowledge of when your cases were received by the Crown Magistrate before submitting your application. Also good to know is that the person who has payment notes may not be able to get the entire desired loan amount granted.

E-Money – up to two payment notes


E-Money is another lender who does not say no to you who have previously misunderstood you. Here, however, a maximum number of payment notes applies to two in the past 24 months.

It is also important to know that E-Money does not gladly grant loans to anyone who has complaints as a result of unpaid credits. If one or two of the payment complaints have arisen in the past two years due to non-payment or late payment of fast loans, private loans or installment credits, the chances of being granted a loan are very small.

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