Loan Brokers That Lower Your Loan Costs

E-Money Kredit is currently offering you as a new customer, to borrow USD 1000 for free. In addition, it has been customized page so that it is easy to access from the mobile. Check out this offer! has examples

Save money on backing up your loans

Save money on backing up your loans

By pooling all your credits and loans, you can reduce your loan costs by several percent. Freedom Finance helps you find a cheap loan that suits you and your situation. Check out this offer …

Borrow 10,000 for free from other individuals!

Why borrow from the bank when it is possible to borrow completely free from private lenders directly on the internet. Now you can borrow up to USD 5000 completely free of charge through Trust Buddy. Check out the TV commercials below. Check out this … News

The Goodbank leaves the repo rate unchanged but still sees an increase in December

Today, the Goodbank has once again had a monetary policy meeting and decided on the repo rate. They leave it unchanged at -0.25 percent this time but insist that they want to raise the interest rate to 0 percent at …

A cashless community nearby?


We are increasingly turning to a cashless society. But is this direction towards a cashless world really something we want? Will it be of general interest around the world? Cash is often seen as …

Interest rates still remain at the same level

After a very long period of negative interest rates and an interest rate level of -0.50 per cent, the Goodbank finally raised the interest rate in December last year. Then they had a forecast saying they would raise it slowly …
Finance Tips

Summer cleaning instead of borrowing

From time to time you need to clean out your home and find things you can do away with. There are often many things that are just left unused and that will never be used again, but that one of something …

Good tips when looking and comparing bank loans

Loans are part of the everyday economy and something you sometimes need. Some loans are more necessary and others are obviously more unnecessary, but regardless, we obviously want to try to find as good and cheap loans as possible …

Keep costs down with discounts

Keep costs down with discounts

Your personal finances govern a lot in your life. A good economy and good margins in the economy do a lot, in many ways. Where and how nice you live, what car you drive, what services you can afford, what …
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